Sunken Eyes: Complete Guide

what are the major sunken eyes causes

Have you ever had the sensation that your eyes are feeling extremely sunken. There is actually a name for that. Sunken eyes is something you will get when you are actually facing health concerns. It can also be due to factors like aging as well as dehydration. If you are not getting enough sleep, that also can play a major role in how you look. Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to how sunken eyes causes y0u to feel extremely depressed. It also impacts your morale and you will start to face self-confidence issues as well.

In this article, I will be talking about what are the major sunken eyes causes, how can you identify this problem, symptoms to watch out for. As well as what is the proper diagnosis method, as you will need to know the symptoms, the reasons as to why it is happening before identifying if treatment can actually help or is it just a side effect to aging.

So let’s start:

Looking At the Symptoms

Identify the symptoms of sunken eyes

There are a few major symptoms which help to identify this problem. You will notice there is some concern when you see dark circles underneath your eyes and have a very tired look. It is not similar from one person to another but it usually falls into the same framework.

However some of the common looks a person with sunken eyes will be getting is:

  • Hollowing feel under the eyes which just keeps on getting worse with time
  • Having a dark shadow which forms over the eyelids
  • Getting dark circles underneath your eyes
  • Noticing that the skin under your eyes is looking more fragile and very thin than usual
  • Having an overall tired and completely fatigued look on the face. You will notice this doesn’t go away despite taking in long hours of sleep

This condition will be taking place usually when you are in your late 30s or in your early 40s. It is more so common in women who have been in the work ambience for long hours. They will have the onset of tiredness sooner than those who work from home or are leading more of a relaxed and pampered lifestyle.

Now let’s talk about the major causes of this condition:

Sunken Eyes Causes

As I mentioned earlier, there can be several reasons as to why you are suffering from this condition. However most of the times, it is relating to a medical condition or concern. Let’s look into all of the major issues that can take place:

Age Factor

This is definitely one of the major reasons as to why you might be suffering from sunken eyes. It is mainly because your age is ganging up on you. It is because your skin is not producing collagen as it should be . This means your skin loses its elasticity. Also it will feel even thinner. This can happen even sooner for those cases where you don’t take care of your skin- internally and externally.

When you are not eating right, and are also not making use of healthy skin regimes which give your skin a supple look, it will start to show soon on your face.

Weight Loss

Having a massive weight loss can also lead to your eyes and its region taking a toll. This is because when you lose weight in large amounts, it will be coming off from the different regions of your face. This includes your face. Also this condition also makes the blood vessels in your face become even more visible, as well as transparent.

Genetic Makeup

Your genes can also play a major role. How your eyes are positioned is actually much dependent on your genetic makeup. If you have family members who are also suffering from this condition, there is a high chance it is going to impact you too. This is actually in your DNA, and in such cases, there isn’t much you can do about it. But it wouldn’t hurt if you adapt some skin-care regime.

Lack of Sleep

no proper sleep pattern causes sunken eyes

The amount of hours you get to snooze also impacts your overall health, and it definitely impacts how you look. In certain cases when you are not getting a good night’s sleep, it is your eyes which are taking the hardest toll. They will feel drained and tired the most. And you are not giving them ample time to recover from this state. It is essential that you sleep long hours, feel completely rested. Only when will your skin also get the refreshing treatment it needs to feel healthy and supple.

Feeling Dehydrated?

As it turns out, your skin also feels the impact of dehydration. When you are not taking in good amounts of liquid, then this can be one of the sunken eyes causes. It is especially true in the case of young children. They are actually more prone to suffering from dehydration. In recent studies, there is a noticeable percentage of children suffering from this condition in third world countries. This is because most of them are also facing dehydration. And the onset of dehydration is through drinking contaminated water, which can lead to heavy vomiting as well as diarrhea.

In adults, some other symptoms which you need to look out for, which are closely relating to sunken eyes concern is being extremely drained. Having excessive thirst, there is low urine. Also suffering from a dry mouth can also be a cause for dehydration. Which in turn will relate to having sunken eyes.

Allergic Reaction

This is also one of the common causes of this condition. It is possible that you suffer from hay fever or are prone to having seasonal allergies too. When this happens, you will notice that there are dark circles forming underneath your eyes. This is when you start having a sunken look.

Some people also call them as ‘allergic shiners’. But this is something which is treatable. When you are getting sunken eyes due to an allergy reaction, you will also notice having nasal congestion, continuous sneezing as well as very dry and itchy eyes.

All of these are signs that your skin is reacting to a certain stimuli. You should also see a doctor if you are finding it hard to see a pattern and form a diagnosis yourself.

Sinus Concerns

In some cases, it is quite possible that you are suffering from certain sinus issues. This can mean there is inflammation around the eyes and hence eye exam becomes a must. It is what is causing the sunken look in your eyes. To confirm if there is some sinus concern, you can check whether you are suffering from pressure and pain in your nasal region. This will allow you to form a proper diagnosis and get treatment that will work.

Smoking Effects

Time and again it is proven to us how smoking continues to be a major culprit in many ways. It deteriorates your health and it can cause many harmful effects. One of the main issues with smoking is how it can impact the collagen making in the skin. This will lead to you losing elasticity in your skin. It is what causes you to have completely sunken eyes.

When to See the Doctor

Identify when sunken eyes can point to bigger issues

So there you have it. I have given you the complete list of sunken eyes causes. This allows you to determine what is leading to this condition in your body. However sometimes there is much more to the situation and you need to analyze it well. If you think your sunken eyes is actually getting worse with time, even if you are taking care of your skin, drink plenty of water and sleeping well, then there is something majorly wrong.

So it is best to take an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will be checking on your medical history, will visual inspect your skin. And they will also look into if there are any genetic concerns to this condition. You have to share all your symptoms for them to access if there is something majorly wrong with your skin.

There may a serious underlying condition which you will help your doctor to identify.


determine the symptoms to get a proper diagnosis

This was a complete overview on understanding what are the sunken eyes causes. There can be several reasons as to why you are suffering from this condition. I have given the complete list of major reasons and causes as to why this can happen. Not just in adults but also children.

We also looked into some of the leading symptoms. You need to know these well so that you can inform the doctor what kind of issues and supporting ailments you are suffering from.

Also we looked into when does it become important for you to go and visit the doctor. Sometimes sunken eyes, despite you taking good care of your eyes and health, do not go away. In such a case, there is definitely some major and critical issues you have to dig into. It is important to identify those, so as to ensure your health is in optimal condition including your most precious body organ- your eyes.

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