Teeth Whitening Kit: Types and Uses

teeth whitening kit

Do you plan to whiten your teeth? You can either go for an in-office dental procedure or use a teeth whitening kit.

These kits are easy to make them convenient for home use.

All you need to do is to be consistent in your application.

The results will take longer than dental treatment.

However, you can still see a good degree of whiteness.

This article discusses the different whitening kits and how you can use them to achieve whiter teeth.

Keep reading to know more!

teeth whitening kit types

Types of Teeth Whitening Kit

There are two types of kits that can help whiten your yellow teeth at home.

These include:

  • Over-the-counter kits
  • Professional at-home whitening kit

You can purchase over-the-counter kits from your nearby store.

They include gels, mouth trays, strips, mouth wash or whitening toothpaste.

You can easily use them if you have healthy teeth and no restorations like fillings or veneers.

However, if you did recently get any treatment then it is better to postpone your whitening treatment.

With at-home kits, you need to be patient and consistent.

You will not see results in one try overnight.

In fact, you will have to wait for months to see visible results.

Take before and after pictures to see if there is any change in your teeth shade.

On the other hand, a teeth whitening dentist Sharjah can give you a custom-made mouth tray at a teeth whitening clinic.

These are considerably better than over-the-counter kits because they contain a higher concentration of peroxide base.

The peroxide base is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

While they are slightly more expensive than the kits available in your nearby store, they will show quicker results because of the higher concentration.

Furthermore, your dentist will give instructions on using it properly in a teeth whitening medical center.

Therefore, it is a more viable option to go for. And why is that so? Let’s find out below!

professional teeth whitening kit

Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Getting professional teeth whitening means that you can either get it in a clinic from your dentist or your dentist can make a custom-fit mouth tray for you.


The fit of these dental trays keeps the whitening solution containing the bleaching agent on the surface of teeth.

It limits contact with gums and the inner side of the cheeks.

Hence, it does not cause harm to your mouth.

Every person has teeth of different shapes.

An over-the-counter kit overlooks this and the mouth trays are one size fits all.

Though, this interferes with the whitening results.

If the trays do not fit then you will not get uniform whitening on all teeth.

Plus, there is always a risk of getting the whitening product on your gums and teeth roots.

This can result in stinging and damage the roots of your teeth and your sensitive gums.

Ease of Use 

You can conveniently use the mouth trays on your timeline.

There is no need to book an appointment with your dentist for a checkup.

You just have to visit for the mold and to get your trays to start the whitening procedure.

Moreover, it is cheaper than getting treatment.

Hence, wear it whenever you want to, between work, at night or early in the morning at your ease.

Supervision From Dentist 

While you do not have to visit your dentist often, you can still get supervision from them.

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure and it is better done under the supervision of a professional.

If you use kits without your dentist’s advice and supervision then they can harm your oral health.

Using teeth whitening products excessively or inaccurately can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

Whereas if you go for professional at-home kits then you can get your dentist’s supervision and will not worry while using them.

They can also guide you on choosing the kit with the perfect shade and keep your tooth sensitivity in consideration.

woman wearing a mouth guard

The procedure for professional at-home kits is as follows:

  • Taking Impressions

Your dentist begins by taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth.

They place a dental putty in your mouth to form a mold of your teeth.

These are then sent to a laboratory to form custom-fit mouth trays.

  • Trays arrive

The mouth trays arrive in a week or two’s time.

Your dentist records the initial shade of your teeth to measure it against the whitening results.

They also instruct you on using the trays, solution and the time of application.

Now, you can take these trays home to begin your treatment.

  • Using the Trays

Before wearing the trays, brush and floss your teeth so that you get the best results.

Add the solution to the mouth trays and wear the trays for about 30 minutes to an hour for two weeks.

Though, you may have to wear some of these overnight.

Remember to not eat and drink any staining food at least 30 minutes after wearing the mouth trays.

Also, skip smoking for some time till you are done with the treatment.

You cannot eat, drink or smoke while wearing them too.

  • Followup

Once you are done consistently wearing them for two weeks, visit your dentist again to check the results.

If there is a significant difference in your shade, then your treatment has been successful.

They will use the leftover solution to give some touch-ups.

A popular choice for dentists is the Zoom At-home whitening kit.

This is because zoom teeth whitening is also a common dental procedure.

However, there are other options as well. More on that below!

over-the-counter strips

Over-the-Counter Kits

OTC kits either contain all or some of these products:

  • Toothpaste
  • Pen
  • Gels
  • Strips
  • Mouth rinses
  • Trays

The mild abrasives in toothpaste specific for whitening purposes remove surface stains of coffee and tea.

They contain polishing and chemical agents which can further help in the removal of surface stains.

However, they will only whiten up to one shade as they do not contain bleaching agents.

Whitening pens can help remove the surface teeth stains to give your teeth a perfect look.

You can use these as an additional feature after whitening using at-home kits.

If any stain develops, just cover it using the pen.

The teeth whitening strips contain the whitening gel.

One main active ingredient in the gel is the peroxide base.

The peroxide base is the bleaching agent that whitens teeth.

You can apply it directly to your teeth using a brush.

Consistently apply twice a day for two weeks to see results.

The strips are transparent and go over your teeth to let the gel come in contact with them.

Follow the instructions for application.

Both their results will not be immediate but will last as long as 4 months.

Woman placing a whitening strip on her teeth.

Furthermore, whitening mouthwashes also contain hydrogen peroxide that can help whiten teeth.

However, these mouthwashes or rinses just stay in contact with the teeth for barely 2 minutes.

Hence, they cannot whiten as effectively as a product that comes in contact with your teeth for 30 minutes.

You can only notice results in 12 weeks’ time.

Similarly, OTC kits contain mouth trays and mouthguards.

Unlike professional at-home whitening kits, these are not custom-fit for your mouth.

The kit contains a gel, trays and a blue light which helps to oxidize the peroxide base to provide oxygen to the enamel and dentin.

It whitens the tooth enamel by delivering oxygen from the peroxide base in the gel.

Results can be seen in 4 weeks or longer as the gel will not contain a higher concentration of peroxide base.

Therefore, it is not as strong and the results are slower than a professional whitening kit.

Some popular whitening systems include:

  • Crest 3d White Whitestrips Professional Effects Dental Whitening Kit
  • Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening All in One Kit
  • AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

It is still better to consult your dentist before purchasing these kits.

Minor mistakes like going overboard with product application or product leakage can harm gums and teeth.

professional dental treatment

Dental Whitening vs At-Home Whitening

Teeth whitening Sharjah is best when you get it done by a professional.

Your dentist will choose a Zoom teeth whitening session or laser dental whitening.

Both these procedures will not take longer than 2 hours and can last you months.

Zoom is great for removing yellow stains and whitening your teeth with Blue Amoled Light.

It can give you up to 8 times whiter shade.

Moreover, it also gives an even shade to your teeth.

However, laser dental whitening helps to whiten each individual tooth one by one.

Hence, it is a better choice if you want to address a few particular teeth than all of them.

In-office dental whitening happens at the hands of a professional dentist, uses products with a higher concentration of bleaching agents and has long-lasting results.

Furthermore, it is also less time-consuming but more costly than at-home treatments.

Therefore, if you can afford it, it is much better to go for professional treatments.

Though at-home treatments will show results slowly, they are still effective in lightening your shade.

It is plausible to try them before opting for dental treatment.

Among the kits, it is better to go for a professional teeth whitening kit under the supervision of your dentist.

It will prevent harm and will protect you from any oral health problem.

Also, you see even whitening on all your teeth.


A teeth whitening kit can give you pearly white teeth.

There is no need to hide your teeth any longer and laugh to your heart’s content with a whiter smile.

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