The Effects of Lupus: Guide

effects of lupus on the body

You must have heard of a condition called Lupus. Let’s learn about effects of lupus in greater detail.

This is actually a chronic autoimmune condition.  You should know that it is becoming more common in various regions of the world.

However this condition can not be considered as being systemic.

The effects of Lupus can be harmful on the body. It is actually an autoimmune problem and it impacts the body’s immune system.

One of the major impacts is how it causes for your body to have inflammation problems. You can also suffer from the breakdown of your body cells.

This effect can be disastrous on the body or it can be simply mild as well.

This blog post will provide you with all the details you need to know about lupus and its affects on the body.

Some people have also named it as the disease of a 1000 faces- this is because it shows up in some forms of complexity in certain people.

So let’s get into the details of it:

What is Lupus?

causes the skin to be inflamed

This skin disease is one which many haven’t been familiar with. However it came into focus when Selena Gomez  was diagnosed with it.

She underwent treatment for it and this is when it began to gain momentum.

You should know that Lupus is not a contagious disease. You can also not transmit it sexually or from one person to another.

It is also different from eczema.

However there is a condition where women who are pregnant and have the condition lupus, may give birth to children who also have this condition. This is what is called neonatal lupus.

The public awareness relating to the condition is still seemingly not as strong and crucial as it should be.

But when it comes to understanding the condition, you should know that there is still a lot of ground that needs to be covered.

We will now talk about the symptoms :

Symptoms of Lupus

getting a fever is a symptom of lupus

Did you know that not two cases of lupus are exactly the same.

The symptoms can differ from one person to another.

In certain cases it takes times for the symptoms to develop while for others they happen quickly.

The kind of symptoms and issues you are facing can be one or two of the following:

  • Suffering from extreme fatigue
  • Feeling pangs of fever- on and off
  • Having joint pain which is led by a surge of stiffness as well as swelling
  • You will also have butterfly-shaped rash. This rash isn’t as common but it does appear the face.
  • The rashes can also appear on other parts of the body.
  • Getting acne can also be a sign of trouble.
  • You will notice skin lesions which continue to get worse with time, especially if you are getting exposed by the sun.
  • Sometimes the fingers and toes can also turn white and blue when they are getting exposed when extreme levels of cold
  • Sometimes you will notice the fingers turning blue when you are under extreme levels of stress
  • Having shortness of breath is also quite common
  • Feeling pangs of chest pain also becomes quite common
  • You will also notice that you are getting dry eyes often
  • Having headaches as well as memory loss become a common cause of concern

So now that you have learned about the symptoms, I will also want to talk about the causes of this condition.

Causes of Lupus

high exposure to sunlight can trigger it

Since it is an autoimmune disease, the majority of the problems arise when your immune system gets attacked by healthy tissues in the body.

This is also lead by issues relating to the genes as well as environmental factors when we talk of effects of lupus.

So now we will talk about the kind of triggers can lead to the condition getting worse with time:

  • Sunlight is one of the major causes. It is when you are getting overexposure to the sun. It can lead to certain skin lesions forming and can also lead to internal response.
  • Also lupus becomes common in those who are already suffering from certain infections. If you are suffering from certain infections, it can also initiate lupus . This also leads to a relapse as well in certain people.
  • You will also notice that certain medications can trigger the condition even further.  This is especially true for medications which aim at handling blood pressure. Medications which also aim at controlling seizures and antibiotics are also prone to causing issues with your immune system.
  • Hormonal makeup is also true- it has been proven that if you are facing abnormal and uncommon hormonal levels, it can trigger lupus even further.
  • Genes are also common. It has been known that if you are suffering from genes concerns or if it is something that runs in the family, chances are you will be getting lupus too

Now let’s hit upon the risk factors:

Risk Factors of Lupus

family history and genes can lead to effects of lupus on body

There are certain groups or people who are actually more prone to getting this condition as opposed to others.

So what are the leading risk factors for the same:

  • sex- your gender actually plays a role. Where women are actually more prone to suffering from this condition. There have been several examples where women have known to be more prone in women as opposed to men.
  • age- this condition can happen in any age however those falling in the age range of 15 and 45, are on the higher end of getting the condition.
  • race or ethnicity- this condition is more common in people who fall into the ethnic group range of African American, Hispanic, Native American and any other.
  • your family history also plays a major role in the same. If you have a long history of lupus, that means that there is a higher risk of you developing this condition.

While talking about the risk factors you should know that it doesn’t mean that you will definitely suffer from this condition. It means that you just have higher chances of contracting this condition.

So now I will talk about the major segment of this topic:

Effects of Lupus on the Body

Lupus is known to have several effects on the body. These include:

  • Kidneys- this is one of the most common problems you will face with the condition.  Those who have lupus problems are more prone to this condition. Inflammation is also common as it leads to the kidneys not being able to work properly. It not only makes it lose the capability to remove waster products and toxins properly, but it also leads to the kidneys getting damaged in the process.
  • Lungs- your lungs also get impacted. You will notice that there is an inflammation of the lining in the chest cavity. This leads to you suffering from heavy chest pains and can also cause issues with breathing properly. One of the major complications that can arise is that you can also suffer from pneumonia.
  • Central Nervous System- this is also major effect. Those whose lupus condition has become uncontrollable will notice how it can actually lead to problems with the nervous system. This includes problems like:
  • feeling dizzy
  • having episodes of depression
  • suffering from memory issues and problems
  • getting seizures every now and then
  • being prone to suffering from strokes
  • feeling the setting of changes in behavior occurring
  • Blood Vessels concerns- it is also common to suffer from the inflammation of the blood vessels. When this happens, it can lead to issues with the circulation of the blood properly.
  • Heart problems- you can also suffer from extremely complex problems like the inflammation of the heart. What happens is that you will notice that there membrane which is impacting the chest is suffering from a condition called endocarditis.  This leads to the heart getting heart murmurs.
  • Aside from these common kinds, you can also suffer from other problems which can include bone tissue death which means there is low blood supply to the bone.
  • Women suffering from lupus can also suffer from certain problems and these can include preterm birth and in some conditions, the loss of the pregnancy and baby entirely.

So now that you have  a good understanding of the condition. Let’s look into the final segment- treatment.

What Treatments Work and Home Remedies

medications can control the severity of the condition

When it comes to getting the proper treatment, know that there is no actual cure for lupus.

But what you can do is to try to manage the condition well with certain lifestyle changes and medication usage.

The treatment will help to manage the flares as well as control the kind of damage the condition brings onto the various organs in the body.

When it comes to getting the medication, it aims to:

  • control the swelling
  • combat the pain in the body
  • helps to combat the organ damage and control it
  • focuses on balancing the hormones in the body
  • allows you to manage blood pressure properly
  • reduces the risk of infection in the body
  • focuses on controlling cholesterol levels

Apart from that, let me shed light on ways in which you can aim to reduce the pain. Here’s how to do it:

make use of hot and cold compressors

you can engage in relaxation techniques as well as certain medication activities

whenever possible, involve yourself in exercises in which you can keep your rhythm going

try avoiding getting direct exposure to the sun

ensure there is no stress and aim for good, happy thoughts.


Getting the condition lupus may not be in your hands, but being able to manage the effects of lupus on your body is definitely in your capability. This article aimed to provide you details on just that.

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