Tingling Tongue: Why It Happens

what is causing my tingling tongue

Have you ever had the sensation where your tongue is feeling certain numbness. There is sort of a tingling tongue sensation which doesn’t feel normal. It probably isn’t normal.

The medical name for this is actually paresthesia. It is when you feel the sensation of needles covering your mouth. It can actually impact all parts of the body. But this is most common on the top of your tongue. This actually happens when you feel that there is loss of sensation and you will notice pressure and damaging impact on your nerves.

It occurs when you are sitting in a chair for a long period of time and it can happen when your body parts seem to have fallen asleep as you are resting them.

There are definitely some medical names and conditions associating to this loss of sensation but it can actually point towards some serious issues like suffering from a stroke. It would require immediate attention.

In this article I will be talking about how this condition happens. We will be looking into the reasons in detail. So let’s begin:

Causes of a Tingling Tongue

There are some reasons as to why you will feel this sensation:

Damages to the nerve

So this basically means that your lingual nerve which allows you to taste and savor food is damaged and this is causing you to suffer from this condition which is also making you lose the sensation of food. It is possible for you to know when there is trouble. And hence you should take action by visiting your doctor as the condition can become even more severe if not handled in a timely manner.

Stroke Condition

stroke can be a reason

This is possibly another cause. It is when there is a blood clot forming. This causes you to suffer from a blockage to blood flow to your brain. It is a basically a stroke which is making your tongue tingle. And this is actually preventing your brain from getting enough oxygen into the brain. This can actually lead to many problems. Including problems with the nerves to your face, tongue as well as other body parts.

A stroke is also something which will make your tongue completely numb and also hard to move. Some other signs that you are suffering from a stroke include:

  • Havin a very bad headache
  • You are having issues with seeing and might have a double image forming
  • There are problems with speaking. You face trouble while trying to talk
  • The same is with understanding others. It is becoming hard for you to make out what others are actually trying to say
  • In some cases, you will notice a droopy face is happening on one side
  • You will also feel complete numbness and weakness on one side of your face
  • There is also trouble with walking and you have balancing problems too

All these conditions are highly serious and require your immediate attention. A stroke is basically your body’s cry for help. It is essential you pay attention and get the issue sorted.

Multiple Sclerosis

This basically a condition in which your own immune system begins attacking your nerves and cells. This impacts the nerves of your brain and spinal cord too. It will make you feel complete numbness. Also you will have strong tingling sensation.

It is a condition which makes it hard for you to chew and swallow and you will likely be biting on your tongue as well as on the inner side of your cheeks. This can become painful also.

So it is best that you speak to your doctor about all these conditions. Your doctor can suggest ways in which you can treat the tingling tongue sensation. There are actually some medications which work great in lowering the symptoms of these. Some major symptoms it will handle include:

  • Trouble in waking in straight lines
  • Feeling weakness in your different parts of body
  • Having uncontrollable tiredness
  • Being subjected to a blurred vision
  • Getting dizzy often despite eating and drinking well
  • Having an urge to pee often but not being able to do so

Nerve Damage

This is definitely a major cause of concern and worry. This happens when you have dental work done or you had a recent tongue piercing. In both cases, your dentist might actually hit on a blood vessel when using injection to numb surface.

It will then leave a numbing sensation in your mouth for hours. Although making you highly uncomfortable, it is something which can actually go away on its own in a matter of a few weeks.

Tongue piercings is also something which can cause you to hurt your nerves. It also has a damaging effect but it is also temporary. However what happens is that it will make the food taste different and you will also face issues when trying to move your tongue.

Migraines Cause Tingling Tongue

migraine can be a cause of tingling tongue

These are super heavy and extremely painful headaches. They are categorized in different ways and different people feel different sensation from them. But one thing is for sure- anyone suffering from these headaches will have issues where their face, tongue and hands will start to feel numb. Not just numb but also a tingling sensation will take over.

This is something which is still confusing. Doctors don’t know as to why that happens. Other issues that come forth include:

  • Problem seeing and having blind spots forming
  • Light sensitivity is also an issue
  • You will have problems with throwing up
  • There is also concerns with speaking. Your speech pattern will get affected.

Allergic Reaction

There are different kinds of allergic reactions which are actually making you prone to having a tingling tongue sensation. So what are these? It is basically a kind of a signal which shows you are suffering from an allergy or sensitivity.

This is what we call oral allergy. It is a kind of syndrome which will impact not just your tongue but also your mouth. It is especially felt when you are eating raw fruits and nuts.

When there is an allergic reaction behind your tongue tingling, it can associate with some other issues which includes:

  • Swelling of your face as well as your tongue and lips
  • Having trouble swallowing
  • You will also face issues when trying to breathe normally
  • Itchy skin can also happen
  • Stomach cramps is something that can set in
  • Feeling lightheadedness or even faint

Tongue Tingling Due to Lack of Vitamins

vitamin deficiency can be a reason

You may likely be feeling this sensation just due to the fact that you are not consuming enough vitamins and minerals. This is not something you need to do out of the way. You just need to consume food and drinks which naturally come in minerals and vitamins. The major kinds which you should be having include:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins including B12
  • Calcium is indeed very important
  • Phosphorous should be in your diet

Canker Sores

This is when you have painful ulcers in the mouth. So painful they may be that they irritate every time you try to swallow. These will also appear in the softer regions of your mouth like your gums, inside area, as well as under the tongue.

You will have a tingling tongue for quite a few weeks and if you are not taking any treatment, they can go away on their own. But it is important that you visit the dentist when you keep on getting canker sores . Also if you are facing too much pain when trying to eat or drink, it is best that y0u seek a doctor’s advice.


This basically means when you are burning your tongue when you eat something very hot. It can actually be a very painful situation. And can also be the cause of utter discomfort. It can lead to a tingling sensation even when the burn is healing.

One way in which you can make this burning sensation less is by rinsing the mouth with water. Also taking inflammatory medications can be super helpful.

When the tongue was even lightly burned, the tingling sensation will linger on for quite a while. But if you are feeling the sensation is getting worse especially when you are swallowing food, then it is best to take advice from a doctor and get it immediately treated.


anemia can be a cause of worry

This is one of the common conditions which leads you to have a sore and red tongue. it is again due to vitamin deficiency. Some major symptoms you will suffer from include feeling fatigue, having a pale skin, as well as losing appetite and also suffering from weight loss.

This condition impacts your red blood cells on the body and is also let on by complete tiredness. It is a serious condition which should be diagnosed in duly manner so that your treatment can begin.


Remember your tingling tongue is basically pointing towards a serious condition. It is more like a warning sign which needs to be attended. In this article, we have talked about all the leading causes of this condition. You know your health matters so it is important you don’t ignore this sensation and take the right action in a duly manner.


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