Treating Sunburn: Home Remedies

treating sunburn properly

Treating sunburn is something which you should be taking seriously. It is something people should be knowing completely about. Sunburns can happen over the slightest of issues. Also if you are having pale skin, you are more likely to suffer from burn when you are underneath the sun. Also when you have severe kind of burns, they will be taking longer to heal.

Mild burns are not as hard to handle, but it really helps to know the basics to treating the skin rightly. In some cases your skin will be healing in a much slower manner if you are suffering from some kind of disease.

But the main point is that you will not get a super efficient kind of method to heal your sunburns. Yet, the good news is – you can still heal your skin. We actually have an amazing, super healing mechanism which allows for our skin to start healing in its natural element. In this article I want to give you an overview on how treating sunburn is important to know. We will be looking into the condition as well as some remedies which are very effective.

So let’s start:

What Factors Control Sunburn?

When looking at how your skin is looking like when it is sunburned, there are a few conditions and even lifestyle habits which will be controlling and playing a role as to how your skin looks like when it is sunburned.

It actually plays a major role in how your immune system helps in healing the body during the sunburn. Some of these more common factors will be including:

  • If you are suffering from some kind of illness or disease. Like diabetes; this will impact how your body is healing. If you have this diseases, then your sunburned skin will be needing more time and focus when trying to heal.
  • Smoking and drinking are also two very nasty habits which will be impacting how your skin is going to heal
  • Malnutrition also plays an impact. If you are not healthy and nutritious, then your skin will not be healing fast enough.
  • Also if you are subjected to chronic stress, then this will be impacting your health too. Stress makes your skin even more weak. And when you treating sunburn, you will notice your skin is not at all reacting to the treatment properly.
  • Having a poor circulation of blood is also a leading cause of how your skin reacts to sunburn.

Healing Sunburn Faster

home remedies for skin burn

So these were all the leading factors as to why you might notice that your skin is not healing as fast as that of others.

But now let’s now move onto the question- how can your skin heal faster? This all relates to giving your body ample time so that it can replace the skin which was damaged with what we can consider as even new, fresh skin.

Yet, there is something that you can also do which will speed up the process. Look into the following lifestyle factors which you can adapt. Your skin will thank you for it:

Sleep well

It is important that you get plenty of rest. Sleeping is essential as it will be producing cytokines. These are very important as they will be managing the inflammation in the body. If you have plenty of these sleep hormones, your body will begin to heal itself naturally.

Using Tobacco

Curb the use of tobacco. You should be aiming to have your body heal naturally. And this you can do when you limit the use of tobacco in your body. So it is best that you completely rid yourself of this filthy habit. It does so much harm than good.

Sun Exposure Control

If your skin is already burned. Do not make matters worse by getting too much of sun exposure. In fact this will be damaging your skin even further. So best is to cover your skin completely when stepping out. Also, make use of sunscreen. As it will be keeping your exposed skin fresh and in control.

Applying Aloe Vera

.applying aloe vera

This is one of the best ointments you can make use of on your skin. It basically consists of what we call aloin. This substance is super healthy. It reduces the inflammation in your skin. Also when you apply plenty of aloe vera, it will also be moisturizing your skin and helps to control the peeling factor.

Having Cool Baths

cool baths heal skin faster

Some doctors also suggest that you should be taking cool showers. This helps to soothe the skin. When you have taken a bath, it is best that you then apply moisture. This will then dry off and you need to keep your skin all clean and dry.

Hydration is the Key

Keeping oneself hydrated is very important. You should be taking in plenty of fluids and even electrolytes. This helps to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Apply Cold Compresses

When your skin is badly burned, you should make use of cold compresses. This will help to remove the excessive heat from the body. It also helps to keep the inflammation factor under control.

Heard of Oatmeal Baths?

This is considered as one of the best homemade remedies which helps your skin in a number of ways. You should be taking on oatmeal baths which work best in removing irritation on the skin. For this, all you have to do is mix some tablespoons of baking soda with at least 2 cups of oatmeal and put them into a bath.

Keep the water temperature cool and then soak in this bathtub for an hour. It will do wonders for your irritated skin.

When to See the Doctor

getting soda treatment

So these were a few remedies on what works and helps to heal the skin faster. However now let’s talk about those instances when it will become absolutely necessary to see a doctor. If the sunburn is not too severe, you will notice your skin is healing with any treatment. But in case of it being burned heavily, then you should be speaking to a doctor.

This is especially needed in case of :

  • Your skin is starting to form blisters
  • You notice that your skin is getting all swollen
  • Feeling dizzy and sick are complicated side effects and need immediate attention
  • Headaches can also be a leading reason of complication. Continuous headaches means that you need immediate medical attention
  • Muscle cramps also means that your sunburned skin needs medical attention
  • In case of babies and toddlers, their sunburned skin is a sensitive issue and need immediate doctor’s attention and assistance

These were some of the guidelines on when to seek medical advice and treatment. Let’s now move onto some effective effective prevention tactics:

Ways to Prevent Sunburned Skin

If your skin is sunburned then there are some remedies which help in curing the skin which is immensely burned. However it is best if you adapt certain prevention tactics which will ensure that your skin does not get severely sunburned in the first place:

  • It is important that you make use of a shaded area. When the sun is beaming for a very long time, you should look for a place where there is shade. This you can do by also carrying an umbrella with you at all times. This will help to keep you protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Also avoid going out or being in the sun during the very hot times of the day. This is usually the peak afternoon. Keep your sunscreen or lotion with you at all times.
  • Sunglasses are not all about making a style statement. They keep you protected. So best is it to make use of a good sunglasses which will be protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Same goes for using a good sunscreen. You should be wearing at least an SPF 15 sunscreen, even when there are cloudy days. It is important that you make use of it every two hours. As in very hot, scorching heat, it easily melts off


Sunburns are unfortunately quite common. You can easily get impacted by the sun in its majestic heat. However the good thins is treating sunburn is not all that difficult either. You have to just make sure you are following certain tactics which will be keeping your skin protected. In this article I looked into and provided complete insights onto how your skin should be protected. We looked into ways in which you need to adapt certain tactics which ensure that your skin is healing fast and is keeping protected from inflammation and other problems.

So it all comes down to making sure you are keeping your skin well-protected from different kinds of harms. Only you will be able to ensure and analyze how your skin looks and apply treatments which make an impact. While it is best to adapt simple prevention techniques, if your skin is still burned and not protected then in this article I also talked about the best ways to speed up the healing of your burned skin.


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