Advanced Invisalign in Sharjah

Teeth straightening is often associated with clunky metal braces that are tediously installed to patients. Due to the level of invasiveness of this procedure, several dental patients prefer not to go through with the treatment. The good news is Invisalign braces are now available in Sharjah by which the patients can explore to resolve their teeth misalignment – through clear high-quality aligners.

Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center is a world-class medical and dental boutique clinic in Sharjah that offers a wide range of dentistry services to patients and clients, including first-class Invisalign service. Our aim is to provide our clients with excellent service and patient care and deliver outstanding results that would restore their smiles and change their lives.


Deep Teeth Whitening – Linda Mayers

This is the term used when combining one or more dental treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Treatment stages:

  • In-chair teeth whitening generally involves the application of a whitening.
  • Take-home teeth whitening requires a set of custom made trays to fit your teeth.
  • Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene and diet can affect the longevity of the results.

Five crowns within 48 hours with Salma Kingston

Crowns are needed when a tooth has a significant amount of structural damage and a normal filling would not be adequate.

Treatment stages:

  • Heavily filled teeth that have broken or that are likely to break in the near future.
  • Teeth with old amalgam fillings often crack around the filling causing pain when chewing.

First-Rate Invisalign in Sharjah

Invisalign, the world’s leading clear aligner system, uses a series of clear braces specifically made for the dental patient to gradually move teeth into the right position and improve the appearance. With over 400 internationally registered patents, this treatment has the potential to resolve almost all orthodontic issues in lesser time and hassle as compared to conventional metal braces.

Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center uses only medically-approved aligners that are made of high-grade elastic thermoplastic material. This dental component can help safely apply gentle pressure to the teeth but less conspicuous and obvious to the naked eye. With Invisalign teeth braces, patients can still resume their activities and go around with confidence while their aligners do their work.

World-Class Service of Invisalign in Sharjah

Dr. Ahmed Abou Foul, an Invisalign® Certified Provider and world-class dental practitioner, leads a panel of dental experts and support staff who are highly-trained to provide first-class oral health services. They are well experienced in their respective fields and jobs.

But more than their skills, they are known to deliver outstanding patient care. We ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe the moment they step foot inside our facility. Our specialists will walk every patient through the process and provide practical and effective solutions for their dental problems.

Better Oral Health with Invisalign Dentist in Sharjah

As we know, traditional braces can cause several oral health issues that include:

  1. Demineralization
  2. Increased sensitivity
  3. Bad breath
  4. Gingivitis
  5. Increased plaque and tartar buildup

In some cases, these issues are due to traditional braces. Metal braces give a harder time brushing and flossing of teeth. They lead to plaque, and tartar can build up. Moreover, it causes severe issues like decay and infection.
With Invisalign braces, there is no need to worry about it because you’re able to take the trays out and thoroughly clean your teeth in the morning and at night.

Solving Multiple Teeth Problems:

It is fascinating to know that Invisalign braces can help treat a range of orthodontic issues. These include:

  1. Teeth rotation
  2. Crooked teeth
  3. Overbite
  4. Gaps
  5. Open bite

The duration of your treatment may vary according to the severity of your specific problem. However, almost anyone can use Invisalign to help straighten their teeth and improve the appearance of their smile.

Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center is always fully committed to deliver optimum health with excellence in clinical expertise. Up-to-date technology and gentle health care is the primary goal of Invisalign braces Sharjah. It is fascinating to know that Invisalign braces treatment is significantly shorter, with fewer complications. Moreover, the procedure takes approximately half the time as compared to traditional braces.

The clinic treats the patients same way as they would their family members. Patients are treated with great respect and attention: our services are excellent, effective, and affordable.

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