Sexually Transmitted Diseases

sexually transmitted disease
sexually transmitted disease

Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) can be uncomfortable but are treatable. Though most can transfer through sexual contact so can also transmit by blood infusion, sharing needles, from mother to child during pregnancy or even breastfeeding.

Whenever you notice symptoms like bumps and sores in your mouth and genitals, or experience pain while urinating you should stop by our STD Medical Center in Sharjah to check your condition.

At Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center we provide complete treatment for STDs and STIs. We can provide sexual health care for you and your partner. Not only can you get to treat the diseases and infections but also receive guidance over preventing them in the future.

Treating STDs immediately is important for you and your partner’s health. It is also crucial for pregnant women to treat it in time as diseases like syphilis can results in congenital syphilis in your unborn child. Drop by at our STD clinic in Sharjah if you have any of the following symptoms and diseases.


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What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Bacteria and viruses enter your body through bodily fluids during sexual activity. They can also infect and enter your body by sharing needles and infected blood.

The first signs are usually sores on the genitals and the mouth. You also experience pain during sex and urination. Vaginal bleeding plus vaginal and penile discharge is also a sign. Experiencing pain in the lower abdomen and swollen lymph nodes along with a fever are all signs that suggest you should visit an STD treatment center in Sharjah soon. The most common types of STD are:

  • Syphilis

The main symptom of syphilis is a round sore on the genital or mouth. It is a bacterial infection that cures by using antibiotics. Hence, our doctors will provide you with the medication that can cure the disease.

It is highly infectious hence, you should treat it soon. The sore itself is painless but you will experience other symptoms such as weight loss, fever, headaches, fatigue and hair loss. Though if you do not treat it in time then it can cause severe symptoms such as vision loss, heart disease, memory loss, infections and mental illnesses.

Pregnant women need screening for syphilis to prevent the spread of congenital syphilis to their unborn child. It can be fatal to a baby hence, treating it in time is crucial.

  • Chlamydia

Chlamydia is another bacterial infection that does not have any visible symptoms in the early stages.

However, as it worsens it can cause lower abdominal pain, pain during urination and discharge from genitals.

Complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, urethra infections and infertility can result from it leaving it untreated.

  • Gonorrhea

People with Gonorrhea experience more urination, pain during urination and intercourse, discharge from genitals, itching around them and sore throat.

It can worsen to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

Pregnant mothers can also transmit it to their babies during delivery.

  • HPV

Human papillomavirus is a viral infection that transfers between people through skin contact.

It forms warts in the genitals and throat.

Dangerous strains of the virus can even cause cancer in various parts of the body.

Testing and screening for the virus can help prevent it from developing into severe complications like cancer.

  • Trichomoniasis

This STD occurs due to a  protozoan organism that transmits only through genital contact. Usually, people do not develop symptoms for Trich.

However, if they do they experience pain during urination and discharge. This discharge in women especially smells fishy. Your doctor can treat it by using antibiotics.


  • HIV

This viral infection can decrease your immunity making you susceptible to more viral diseases. The symptoms are similar to that of flu. You may feel a headache, sore throat, fever, chills, rashes and nausea. Though these symptoms decrease after a month and you may not notice any symptoms anymore unless it develops to become HIV stage three i.e. AIDS. However, it isn’t exactly curable.

Other STDs include:

  • herpes
  • pubic lice
  • scabies
  • chancroid
  • granuloma inguinal

Any of these symptoms can suggest that you have an STD. At Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center, we can diagnose and screen you for all these STDs. Later expert doctors can provide timely treatment to curb the complications stemming from these diseases. Getting the treatment can reduce your chances of spreading while treating your discomfort.


Testing For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Our doctors will carry out tests and screening to check if you have any of the diseases and infections. First, they will look for infection signs and symptoms such as rashes and warts i.e. conduct a physical and pelvic exam. In order to detect a specific infection, they will carry out tests.

These include blood tests for syphilis and HIV, fluid samples to check infection in genital sores and a urine test. These can identify the problems with These tests will help identify the exact infection and disease. However, if you do not have any symptoms then you will undergo screening.

People between the ages of 13 to 64 can get saliva tests or blood tests to check for the presence of HIV without any symptoms. Our doctors will screen pregnant women for the presence of viruses during their first antenatal appointment. These include tests for chlamydia,  HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis.

These diseases are lethal for their unborn child hence they should not transfer it during pregnancy or delivery. Furthermore, women who are over 21 years old should get a Pap Test at our STD treatment center in Sharjah, to detect the HPV virus and cervical cancer.

Additionally, all women who are under 25 should get tested for chlamydia infection. So should people with HIV who are at a greater risk for getting more STDs and STIs because of their compromised immunity. Also, you should get tested when you have a new partner and so should they.

These tests are available at Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center. Our doctors will begin treatment as soon as they diagnose your condition. Bacterial infections cure easily by using antibiotics. However, viral infections such as HIV, herpes and HPV do not have a specific treatment.

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Treating STDs at Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center

At Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center we provide STD treatment in Sharjah to both you and your partner. As soon as you notice symptoms, visit our doctors for a quick diagnosis and treatment plan. Both you and your partner need treatment together. Furthermore, if you get a Sexually Transmitted Disease or STI while you are pregnant then it can transfer to your child.

Hence, our doctors provide prompt treatment to avoid the infection and disease from becoming lethal to your child. Antibiotics can treat bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Whereas viral STDs may cure on their own or by using antiviral drugs. Our doctors will recommend the following treatments:

Antibiotics for Bacterial Infections 

Bacterial infections such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and trichomoniasis need a single dose of antibiotics. Following through with the full course will cure the bacterial or parasitic infection. Our doctors can also recommend a shorter course if you are unable to finish a longer one, such as a shot rather than oral medicine. Let them know if you want a shorter course but also follow their advice for the best course according to their diagnosis.

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Antiviral drugs for Viral Infections

Antiviral drugs cannot cure viral infections however they can suppress them. Moreover, they can reduce the risk of transferring them. Our doctors can prevent the recurrence of herpes by giving you suppressive therapy and antiviral drugs. Similarly HIV, antiviral drugs can help keep it in check and not worsening to AIDS. Detecting HIV early on and taking treatment regularly can lower the viral load in your blood. While you will still carry the virus, you will be able to control your health. The STDS that are neither from viruses nor from bacteria are usually due to other microorganisms.

These include pubic lice and scabies.

Our doctors can treat them by prescribing topical treatments or oral medications.

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Why Should You Choose Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center?

Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center provides a safe environment for you to discuss your sexual history and diseases.

Our expert doctors provide a safe space for you to discuss any problems and queries regarding your sexual health.

This is the right place to discuss any violence or problems you face that are impacting your well-being.

Our doctors will come to your aid and treat STDs and STIs in you and your partner.

They will also provide you guidance on preventing further STIs and STDs by using protection.

Hence, you can discuss your situation openly to get proper treatment and prevent a recurrence.

Once you get an STD there is a risk of contracting another if you are careless about preventing it.

Our gynecologists will conduct tests and physical examinations to find out the exact cause of your discomfort.

For STD treatment Sharjah, our staff will promptly treat your disease so that it does not spread to your partner, neither does it risk your child during pregnancy.

Additionally, they will make sure that you are comfortable during the examination.

We provide:

  • Safe and Hygienic Environment

It is important for you to be comfortable with your doctor when discussing and examing STDs.

At Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center, our staff makes sure that you can discuss your symptoms and discomfort at ease.

Our testing facilities are hygienic to prevent any other problems.

Moreover, our doctors make sure that you feel comfortable explaining your predicament to them in our friendly environment.

  • Prompt Treatment

Our doctors carry out thorough examinations and tests to identify your disease or infection.

Once they know the cause, they immediately start giving treatment.

They deal with your situation promptly so that you can find relief quickly.

  • Guidance over Prevention

You are susceptible to getting other STDs once you are diagnosed with one.

You can only prevent it by following proper guidance.

Our doctors can guide you about using protection and avoiding any sexual contact while you are in treatment.

They will guide both you and your partner to avoid the recurrence of these diseases.

Follow our doctor’s advice in preventing this predicament again.

Furthermore, they will check your progress to see if the medications are working correctly.

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You need proper topical and oral medication to treat your STD. Do not experiment with home remedies to treat them as they could worsen your conditions. Rather consult our doctors as soon as possible to get prompt treatment.

STDs in pregnancy can be fatal to your unborn child. Consult our doctors so that they can immediately give you treatments to resolve your infection. They will carefully make a treatment plan so that none of the diseases harm you or your baby.

If you are regularly taking medicines and applying topical creams then your symptoms will get better in a few days. However, this clearly doesn’t mean that you need to stop taking medicines especially antibiotics. Complete your entire course to fully eliminate the infection.

If your partner has gonorrhea and chlamydia then our doctors may recommend EPT for you too. They will give you medications because it is highly likely that you as the partner now carry the infection too. Though it is best to get an examination separately before getting treatment.

Everyone between the ages of 13 to 64 should regularly get HIV tests. This helps to diagnose the virus timely. If you get a quick diagnosis, you will start taking medicines promptly. HIV is lifelong however, taking medicines helps to keep it in control. Hence, you can prevent it from worsening Also if you have had any other STDs you should get an HIV test too. So even if you are not at a high risk of getting HIV, you should get tested regularly.

It certainly can! The tightening of the vaginal muscles and collagen production helps to improve the laxity of the vagina and also solves your incontinence problem. Moreover, it can increase lubrication.

You can go back to your routine in 1 to 3 days. Any discomfort or swelling subsides by then to resume normal activities.

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