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Teeth discoloration is a common problem among dental patients. Although it is not as aggravating as other oral health issues, it can still affect one’s confidence and their ability to socialize and interact with others. If you’re looking for the finest services for teeth whitening, you are exactly where you need to be.

However, there are sure-fire ways to bring back the shine of your pearly whites. With the help of our top teeth whitening dentist in Sharjah, patients can achieve their desired results with a lesser turnaround time.

Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center offers dental patients comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments.

We are in the business of providing outstanding oral health services to patients who are in need of immediate resolution to their dental concerns or looking for an effective solution to restore the appearance of their pearly whites.


Deep Teeth Whitening – Linda Mayers

This is the term used when combining one or more dental treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Treatment stages:

  • In-chair teeth whitening generally involves the application of a whitening.
  • Take-home teeth whitening requires a set of custom made trays to fit your teeth.
  • Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene and diet can affect the longevity of the results.

Five crowns within 48 hours with Salma Kingston

Crowns are needed when a tooth has a significant amount of structural damage and a normal filling would not be adequate.

Treatment stages:

  • Heavily filled teeth that have broken or that are likely to break in the near future.
  • Teeth with old amalgam fillings often crack around the filling causing pain when chewing.

Safe & Effective Treatment for Teeth Whitening

Here at Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center, the safety of our patients is a top priority. Our clinic invests in the latest technology and equipment to ensure that every procedure is done accurately and safely.

We only use medically-approved dental components that are safe for patient consumption and use.

Our teeth whitening treatment utilizes the most advanced Phillips Zoom Whitening system which is proven to whiten teeth 6 to 8 times shade whiter.

This method can also help protect teeth from future staining.

Experienced Teeth Whitening Dentist in Sharjah

As one of the leading dental whitening clinics in Sharjah, we stand by our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients as it all starts with our staff and dental professionals.

Dr. Ahmed Abou Foul and his team of dental hygienists are experts who are well adept in the field of oral health care and cosmetic dentistry. With their wealth of experience and professionalism, they are more than capable to provide excellent service and care to patients.

Benefits of Going to a Teeth Whitening Clinic

Teeth Whitening gives you an instant confident smile. This does not only help boost your self-esteem but also improves your quality of life.

Removing stains ensures better oral health. As the dentist whitens your teeth, there is a lesser accumulation of plaque hence lesser chances of getting cavities and gum disease.

Professional dental whitening can provide you personalized oral care. You can decide how many shades lighter do you want your teeth to be. It is personalized for your specific needs. However, over-the-counter kits and home remedies will provide everyone the same result.

Dental whitening carried out by a dentist has long-lasting results especially compared to other methods. The whitening agents available to dental professionals are much stronger than the mild home kits. This also ensures that you see results immediately.

Our dentists at Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center ensure your safety during the procedure to avoid any risks. Over-the-counter kits pose risk to your gums and can increase sensitivity. Our dentists carefully monitor and carry out the process. You will wear a mouth guard that does not irritate your gums and they can adjust the whitening agent levels when needed.

Health professionals consider teeth whitening a medical procedure hence, it should be performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. Our dentists will first inspect your oral health care. You will take a dental X-ray to confirm if you have other oral health issues that can worsen due to teeth whitening like exposed tooth roots. Therefore, a dentist can ensure a safer process and decide the extent of teeth whitening you will require.

Teeth whitening can give your self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life a boost.

Curious about our Teeth Whitening procedure? Read below to see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Teeth Whitening is a process that makes your teeth a few shades lighter.

Usually, people will require bleaching to whiten teeth. At Dr. Amal Qedrah Medical Centre we use Philips Zoom Whitening System.

Teeth stains and discoloration are very common.

Extrinsic discoloration occurs because foods and drinks stain the outside of your teeth.

Intrinsic discoloration affects people due to medications, illness, or age and is within the teeth.

Discoloration needs to be treated by a dentist.

A smile is a precious asset of your personality. A confident smile can boost your self-esteem and make you look presentable.

Discoloration affects most people therefore if you desire to have a pearly white smile, you should avail the teeth whitening service.

Teeth Whitening is a process that should be carried out in-house by a dental professional.

You can get teeth whitening either from a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist.

Dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out the treatment on a dentist’s prescription.

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure therefore, consulting a dentist in a teeth whitening clinic should be your first priority.

However, teeth whitening kits and home remedies exist as well for you to try at home.

Home remedies and over the counter whitening products can work mildly.

However, they will be ineffective against intrinsic discoloration.

Moreover, compared to a dental procedure you may not get as effective results which can also be temporary.

Though do not get teeth whitening from any place that has no professional certification like salons and beauty parlors. This can pose an oral health risk.

No! This procedure in a teeth whitening clinic does not pose any harm to your teeth.

Most dental whitening procedures use a small amount of carbamide peroxide.

This does not harm the hardness of the tooth’s enamel neither does it change the mineral content.

A professional procedure carried out in a teeth whitening clinic does not harm your enamel.

We use the Philip Zoom Whitening system.

This system uses a  Blue LED light accelerated technology and gel to give immediate results.

A session of 45 minutes can help whiten your teeth by 8 shades.

Moreover,  Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) protects the enamel and decreases sensitivity.

Therefore, we use a whitening system that does not harm your teeth neither does it make them more sensitive.

We promise to deliver immediate results that are effective for a long time.

However, dental whitening is not permanent. If you start smoking or drinking coffee and tea soon after the procedure, you will get extrinsic discoloration soon.

It can last from one month to 3 years depending on how you care for your teeth.

Maintaining your white teeth is pretty simple.

Avoid foods and beverages that cause extrinsic discoloration.

Brush your teeth or gargle after you drink coffee, tea or soda.

Also, brush twice daily and visit your dentist every 6 months for an oral checkup.

The treatment in itself does not hurt. However, you may feel some discomfort in your gums.

A few people may also experience sensitivity.

However, we use Philips Zoom in our teeth whitening clinic which reduced your teeth sensitivity.

So, any discomfort that you may experience will be temporary.

Teeth Whitening increases the whiteness of the tooth enamel.

Dentures, veneers, and fillings are not affected by any teeth whitening procedure as they do not lighten.

Therefore, if you carry out teeth whitening on your natural teeth, you will need to replace any dental work to match the shade of your teeth.

In Dr. Amal Qedrah’s teeth whitening clinic you will be done within 45 minutes to an hour.

If you have sensitive teeth, it is possible that your gums will be sensitive to the chemicals used in the gel.

Consult your dentist before you proceed with the treatment.

We use treatments and gels that can give you an immediate result.

Professionals use products that are stronger whereas over-the-counter kits and home remedies are milder.

Home remedies, At-home kits and whitening gels are comparatively slow.

Moreover, they do not work on Intrinsic discoloration.

We deliver the best Teeth Whitening results however if you are not satisfied with the results or face any issue, reach back to us at Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center.

We will be pleased to serve you again and handle all your concerns.

Oral healthcare
Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center’s Promise
Our capable team of dentists and health experts will ensure that your treatment is carried out safely and you leave satisfied.

We take special care in our procedures and promise to deliver an excellent result.

Our dental whitening clinic uses up to date equipment that gives you a desirable and personalized outcome.

Our procedure is painless and you can witness a massive change in only one session.

Therefore do not wait any further, your pearly white smile is just an appointment away.

Be confident to flash your winning smile!

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