Vaginal Rejuvenation

vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

After birth, the skin in your vagina can become loose. The elasticity in your vagina can also change with age because of a lack of estrogen, after giving birth or due to menopause. These decrease the strength of the plastic muscle i.e. the vagina as well as of the connective tissues surrounding it.

This results in problems such as urinary incontinence, lack of sensation, vaginal dryness and also infections in the vagina. While surgical treatments can tighten you do not necessarily need to go under the knife. In fact, at Dr. Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center we provide laser treatments for Vaginal Rejuvenation in Sharjah.

In one or two sessions you will notice a significant change in the elasticity, tightness and lubrication of your vagina. This procedure is useful for women mostly in their postmenopause stage or those in postpartum. Hence, if you are a woman in these stages of life, then you can find the need to rejuvenate your vagina with the help of laser technology.


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The Procedure of Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are two main vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments:

  • CO2 Laser Treatment
  • Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment

The CO2 in the laser heats up the tissues in the vagina. Similarly in Radiofrequency Laser Treatments, the electromagnetic waves heat the tissues to release collagen.

Hence both gently act on the vaginal walls heating the tissues in the upper layer. A small laser rod is gently placed inside the vagina. Our doctor pulls out the rod carefully while the beam makes tiny holes or micro-lesions inside the lining of the vagina.

As a result, the micro-lesions stimulate the lower layers of the tissue to make new collagen. These holes and lesions in the vagina and vulva start the natural healing process. This helps to tighten the skin and make it firmer by re-equilibrating the urogenital structures and vaginal mucosa.

The heat from these laser devices activates fibroblasts. The blood flow and the collagen production in the vagina increase hence making the walls plumper and increasing their lubrication. You do not need any additional preparation before the procedure. It is a painless procedure that wraps up within 10 minutes.

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure typically requires two sessions. You will have your next treatment 4 to 6 weeks after the first one. Though, the number of treatments depends on each individual case. You may need more than two treatments. However, you will see results after each treatment session.

aftercare of vaginal rejuvenation

Results and Aftercare of Vaginal Rejuvenation Sharjah

As the collagen renews, the tissue regenerates. This process continues for several weeks after a single treatment session. The vaginal mucosa will increase in hydration and nourishment. The epithelium will gain elasticity, toning and thickness. The laser treatment will enhance the tissues at the urethral opening hence you will no longer have problems with urinary incontinence.

Moreover, it also helps to correct the balance of the vaginal pH. Maintaining the right natural pH of the vagina prevents it from getting infections. It acts as a protective barrier preventing you from contracting bacterial and viral infections. Hence, you will soon notice the results of this treatment.

Right after your procedure, there will be slight swelling on the treatment site. While the procedure itself is painless, you can feel slight discomfort following it. Though the swelling and the discomfort will last only a few days. Moreover, you should let the vaginal wall to settle down for a while.

Do not have sexual intercourse or use a tampon for the walls to get firm and tighten first in the first 5 days. During the treatment, you will feel slight discomfort and irritation because of the heat. Though our doctors will apply a local anesthetic to minimize any pain or discomfort.

There are not many risks associated with this procedure. If you do get vaginal and vulva scarring then consult our doctors again. Also, check if you are bleeding and having any infection in the treatment area. These side effects are rare but if they occur, our doctors will treat them so that they do not render your treatment useless. The results will last for over 18 months to 24 months.

Hence, they are not permanent. Therefore, you can get a maintenance treatment in between 12 to 18 months.

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Why Do You Need Vaginal Rejuvenation in Sharjah?

The vaginal rejuvenation treatment has physical benefits such as addressing laxity, enhancing tissues and improving the pH. However, did you know that it also benefits your psychological well-being? As a woman, you can have low self-esteem of the appearance of your vagina. This can negatively impact your lifestyle and quality of life.

Vaginal Rejuvenation at Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center is a safe procedure that boosts your confidence. It is not a surgical procedure to change the shape of your vagina permanently, though results last long and you can get maintenance treatments after a year. On the other hand, even if you do not like the tightness of your vagina, you don’t have to worry about the results being permanent either. Therefore, it is the perfect treatment for you to regain confidence in your body without having to worry about the long-term consequences.

This procedure will physically improve the blood flow to your vagina. Moreover, it will renew the external and internal tissues of your vagina. Besides the vagina, it deals with the hypertrophy of the labia.  Also, it improves the toning and other skin issues in the surrounding area because of collagen and elastin production. Furthermore, it can increase the sensitivity and tightness of the vaginal area.

Alongside addressing the laxity and decreasing it. Hence, if you want to improve the appearance and the tightness of your vagina then this nonsurgical option is to best to try first. You can get this treatment and check how it fares for you over a period of 2 years and whether you are willing to maintain it. Furthermore, complement vaginal rejuvenation with pelvic floor exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles. Though if you are aiming for permanent results then you should check out our other service of surgical Vaginoplasty.

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Why Should You Choose From Dr Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center?

If you want to rejuvenate your vagina but aren’t sure about a permanent procedure then Dr Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center is the right place for you. Drop by at Dr Amal Al-Qedrah Medical Center to get a consultation with our specialist. Our doctors will examine the number of treatments that you will require.

They will make a treatment plan and describe how your vagina will look after the procedure. Our expert doctors are highly qualified and trained in their specialization. It is understandable how you may not be comfortable in the beginning however, our staff ensures that you relax and the procedure goes smoothly for you. Moreover, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment site hence you will hardly feel any pain. Therefore, not only are you in a safe and comfortable environment but also get a painless procedure.

We provide:

  • Hygienic Procedures

We use state-of-the-art and modern technology that works wonders on your tissues and skin. It is not only effective but also hygienic. Hence there is no compromise in hygiene so that you do not have to worry about getting infections in the center and through the appliances.

  • Safe and Comfortable Procedures

For vaginal rejuvenation or any other vaginal procedure to go smoothly, you need to feel safe and comfortable in the medical setting.

Our doctors and staff provide you a friendly and relaxing environment where you can easily communicate your worries with your doctor and feel at ease in their presence.

  • ¬†Painless Procedures

Our procedures are painless because we use a local anesthetic to numb the target area. You may feel slight discomfort from the heat of the device but it will not be painful. Hence, we ensure that you do not feel any excruciating pain and are uncomfortable during your treatment.

vaginal rejuvenation faqs


You can feel minor discomfort from swelling and redness. However, it will only last a few days. If you notice vaginal bleeding or signs of infection then you should visit our medical center again, though they are rare.

Kegels help to strengthen the muscles around your vagina. Hence Kegels and pelvic floor exercises can help in improving the condition of your vagina. Though, you should only perform these with a physiotherapist rather than trying on your own.

  • Clitoral hood reduction and Labiaplasty that decreases the labia minora
  • Monsplasty decreases the bulging appearance of mons
  • Labia Majorplasty it reduces the labia majora size

Ideally, you will get at least 2 sessions of treatments. However, you may have to do more depending on your situation. The next session is 4 to 6 weeks apart from the first one. Furthermore, if you like the results and want to maintain them then you will need to have yearly maintenance treatments.

You may feel slight heat from the laser during the procedure. Also, there might be slight irritation, however, using a local anesthetic reduces that. Furthermore, your vagina will become sensitive and there will be some pressure against the vaginal wall.

It certainly can! The tightening of the vaginal muscles and collagen production helps to improve the laxity of the vagina and also solves your incontinence problem. Moreover, it can increase lubrication.

You can go back to your routine in 1 to 3 days. Any discomfort or swelling subsides by then to resume normal activities.

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