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Today, several gynecological treatments are available that bring comfort, less pain, and build confidence among women. Vaginal tightening is one such treatment that includes everything that has to do with the corrective procedures on the vagina.  Vaginal tightening treatments primarily include tightening creams, pills, gels, and natural remedies. It also includes non-invasive treatments like laser and thermal vaginal rejuvenation. In addition, vaginoplasty rejuvenation, a cosmetic surgery, is also categorized under vaginal tightening procedures.

Vagina tightening treatment is slowly becoming popular as it addresses several issues related to the vagina. The treatment tightens the walls of the intimate area, which eventually helps in the contraction of muscles in the area.  These procedures are typically performed to correct problems that might occur after giving birth. These conditions could be – lack of tightness in the vagina, urinary incontinence, absence of lubrication, etc.

Moreover, the procedure also helps remove vaginal itching and dryness, a common problem in many women. For enhanced results, you can opt for a laser procedure along with PRP, which many doctors recommend. Vaginal rejuvenation and related procedures are increasing in popularity as the issues after childbirth can affect a woman’s sense of well-being and sexuality. Studies proved that around 40% of women have psychological distress from sexual dysfunction, and because of this. Hence many are opting for vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation is a broader term, and there is no one single way for this. There are creams, injections, surgical, and even non-surgical procedures to manage this. 


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What is Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginal tightening is any method used to tighten the vagina, which has lost the muscle tone and becomes lax after childbirth or due to age.

Most women generally do not have any issues with the size, elasticity, or lubrication of their vagina post-childbirth or as they get older. But for many others, common problems such as vaginal atrophy, sexual dysfunction, vaginal laxity, painful intercourse, and stress incontinence can have a negative impact on their quality of life.

To rectify these issues today, there are several vaginal rejuvenation treatments available. All these treatments claim to tighten the vagina as part of the rejuvenation. These treatments primarily range from pills and creams to radiofrequency treatment or laser, or even surgery.

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However, not all of them deliver similar results, so you need to discuss with your doctor the options available and the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment.

Does Vaginal Tightening Work?

It depends on the type of treatment you choose. Laser vaginal rejuvenation Sharjah, like Femi lift, has had positive results for many. Studies and reports have proved that the procedure is effective at tightening the vaginal tissue. In addition, the procedure also enhances natural lubrication and pleasure during sexual activities.

According to studies, there is a high level of patient satisfaction among women who opt for Femi lift treatment. Treatments such as tightening creams, gels, pills, and natural remedies are very popular, but needs more testing and studies.

On the other hand, exercise can help improve the tone of your pelvic floor muscles, but they generally do not have much effect on muscles in the vaginal wall.

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The other treatment that will have drastic, long-term results is vaginoplasty surgery. However, the surgery is quite expensive, carries a high risk compared to laser treatment. In addition, the surgery might take around six weeks to recover.

How to Tighten the Vagina: Treatment Options

The treatment options for vaginal tightening primarily include the following:

  1. Non-invasive creams – Creams, gels, and pills form part of the treatment.
  2. Non-surgical laser treatment – A non-invasive that uses a laser.
  3. Other non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation – This include fillers, G-shot injections, and use of radiofrequency.
  4. Surgery – This can take up to six weeks to fully recover from it.

The options for vaginal tightening are listed below:

1 Laser treatment

Vaginal laser treatment, also known as Femi lift, is a non-surgical procedure that uses energy, delivered via a probe or wand, inserted into the vagina to heat the surrounding vaginal tissue gently.

Heating the vaginal tissue creates painless micro-tears in the vaginal walls. As a result, this stimulates your body to produce more collagen and elastin fibers. Thereby improving the lubrication and restoring the strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls.

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Interestingly, laser rejuvenation has been proven to work. It is important to note that it does not tighten the muscles of the vagina. Instead, the laser treatment will work by improving the strength, lubrication, and elasticity of the vaginal walls. As a result, it will make the vagina feel tighter.

It is an exciting domain, and you can ask your doctor anything you need to know about Femi lift treatment and similar laser technology like laser energy and radiofrequency energy.

2 Surgery

This surgery is also known as a vaginoplasty procedure and is sometimes used to repair trauma to the vagina. This could be due to childbirth – for example, to repair a badly torn perineal muscle. Recent years have seen the rise of vaginal plastic surgery in women, especially after childbirth.

However, many women opt for elective vaginoplasty or designer vagina, or vaginal tightening or rejuvenation surgery. All these names refer to the same surgery. It is an option for some women to narrow and tighten their vaginal canal to restore the tightness and sensation of the vagina.

Individual doctors who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery or ASPS offer various procedures related to vaginal rejuvenation. But the ASPS group does not approve particular surgeries and cautions that the surgery needs. Primarily because there are not enough scientific studies to determine efficacy and success of this procedure.

However, you need to understand that there is an important distinction between vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, though the two words are used interchangeably. The surgery called labiaplasty is a surgery done to reduce the size of the labia and in no way affects the vagina. A vaginoplasty procedure involves a significant surgery performed under a general anesthetic.

What are The Benefits of Vaginal Tightening in Sharjah?

The procedure has many benefits, one of which is tightening the vagina. It can also help:

  • Improve symptoms of vaginal atrophy, a condition when the vaginal walls become drier, thinner, and inflamed.
  • The procedure reduces vaginal dryness.
  • Treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI).
  • The treatment also helps to improve lubrication.
  • It also reduces the number of recurrent infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV).
  • The treatment also enhances vaginal laxity.
  • Increasing sexual pleasure.

It is important to note that women can benefit from vaginal rejuvenation at different stages of their lives. After having a baby, some women’s vagina is not as tight as it was pre-birth. Many others might find they experience stress incontinence issues due to a weak pelvic floor. There could be several causes and symptoms, and hence their treatment will also depend on the individual’s condition.

Vaginal Tightening Aftercare

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation like laser rejuvenation or augmentation with fillers heals faster. The recovery time is generally much shorter and less painful.

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Your doctor will encourage you to return to all normal activities immediately following the procedure. However, sexual activities are prohibited for at least a week post-treatment.

There is little downtime associated with most of the non-surgical vaginal tightening procedures. Most patients might experience slight sensitivity or discomfort immediately following treatment. But most of them can resume their daily activities immediately.

For most of these non-invasive lasers or thermal vaginal rejuvenation treatments, the treatment’s effects may be only temporary. They might only last perhaps up to three years. It is difficult to say how long the effects of non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation might last because every person is different. Prior to having a laser or thermal vaginal treatment performed, check with your doctor if the procedures are suitable for you.

Why Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center Sharjah for Vaginal Tightening?

Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center Sharjah provides non-surgical vaginal tightening to address your internal and external vaginal health concerns and achieve youthful-looking results. Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is specially designed to improve your vaginal aesthetics and functional issues without undergoing traditional vaginal surgery.

Are you looking for vaginal tightening near me? Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center has a specialist team that works together to achieve your goals. Your treatment can be customized to treat aesthetic concerns, as well as functional issues. Talk to your doctor to know about what procedure works best for you.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is generally performed as an outpatient procedure at our vaginal tightening medical center with minimal downtime. Our team of doctors will examine and advise you accordingly. The non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure will solely depend on your treatment goals. Give us a call or make an appointment for a personal consultation today.

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