Sunscreen: Uses and Side Effects

using sunscreens

In this scorching heat, we need to make sure we are taking care of our skin. Our skin is sensitive and we need to make sure that the harmful rays of the sun will not be impacting us. Using sunscreen means you are able to prevent sunburn from happening.

Its usage is essential as it also combats what we call premature aging. This is when you get a wrinkled skin which can also feel leathery.

Sunscreens are also really good as they also lessen the chances of you suffering from skin cancer as well as other benefits. There are some major active ingredients in the sunscreens which works great in absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This is the most impactful thing from the same.

When you are wearing sunscreen, it does not mean that you can stay out in the sun for such a long duration. But it does mean that you are protected from the sun’s rays for a long time. In this article, I am going to be talking about the different types of sunscreens  and how they are used.

So let’s start:

Using Sunscreen

applying a good amount of sunscreen

This is something that you have to use for your skin on a regular basis. You should be applying onto your skin as the doctors suggest. It makes your skin protected. You should know that the exposed skin you should apply for at least 30 minutes before coming onto the skin. Know this that the effect of the sunscreen is not long-term.

It means you will have to continue to reapply the sunscreen as the sun’s extremely sharp rays will be impacting your skin in ample of ways. This is especially true when you have to apply it again after swimming and even sweating. When you apply a towel on your skin, it immediately takes the sunscreen off. So it is best that you continue to apply it every 2 hours.

Only then will there be complete assurance that you are well-protected from this condition. Also when using a sunscreen, it also depends on the kind of sunscreen you are using.

For a spray form is one which is actually flammable. If you will be using the this kind, you should avoid smoking with it . And make sure it is not near an open flame.

Also when you are applying sunscreen to your face, it is best that you avoid the eye region. As this can be extra harmful to how your eyes look.

Let’s now look into the kind of sunscreens you can use.

Types of Sunscreens

One of the major thing that all sunscreens must have is that they should work really well when it comes to creating UV filters which actually keep you safe from any harmful UV rays which might be penetrating into your skin. Also it is something to look into beside heat exhaustion that you might suffer from.

When talking about quality sunscreens, know that there are two major kinds which are known to work great. This includes:

Mineral Sunscreens

mineral is a type of sunscreen

These are what actually sit on top of your skin. They work great when try to block those extremely harmful UV rays. The way they do so is by actually deflecting the UV rays. They are on the surface level protection and they work great in protecting you against UVA as well as UVB rays.

They also work great as they can create a strong physical barrier and can become readily effective as soon as you apply them. There is just no waiting time to look into for the same.

But the only drawback with them is that when you use them, you will soon feel that there is a white-ish cast on them. And this is actually quite visible on your skin. So it does not actually leave a good impression. You have to adapt certain blending techniques which will allow you to blend this and give you a natural look overall.

It is also something which should be applied readily after every few hours to ensure it looks good on your skin.

Now let’s talk about what are chemical sunscreens.

Chemical Sunscreens

This is basically the kind which is absorbed into your skin directly. And it gives a major effect when you let it sit and soak deeper into the layers. They are most effective as they absorb the UV rays and also change them into what we call heat.

This is then released from the skin in an effective way. How it is considered to be more effective is that it will be penetrating deep into the skin and gives a major affect. But the issue with this kind is that it is not as effective when we are looking into protection from all types of UVA rays. Hence when it comes to protection, you will notice it will not work well in protecting the deeper layers of your skin.

Did you know that when it comes to chemical sunscreens, it takes usually about 20minutes for them to become effective. Hence proper planning is needed from your end to ensure it is effective in its use.

How do I Pick- The Checklist

So now we have had a good talk on sunscreens. And how we make use of them. There are actually many types of sunscreens out there and so many brands and companies to choose from.

It confuses you and may make matters even worse. But the thing is- realizing and making a checklist of what makes up for a good sunscreen will make you understand picking the right kind.

I want to talk about the various factors which can impact the kind of sunscreens you will use. The basic guidelines are:

Check Out the Ingredients

You need to make sure that you have a good understanding on the kind of ingredients you will use. Your ingredients have to be clinically safe and also effective in their usage. The major ingredients that it should include are zinc oxide and titanium. Also when it comes to using chemical sunscreen, you should make use of something which does not gave oxybenzone.

Using Sunscreen Lotions

types of sunscreens

As I said earlier, there are various kinds and types of sunscreens. You should make use of spray sunscreens as they are more convenient. But users often state that using a lotion-based sunscreen which helps in inhalation hazards as well as lung exposure.

Usage- How much you will be needing?

One of the major deciding factors is that how much of sunscreen will you be needing. You should also look into how much of time are you spending in direct sunlight. If you are actually using it when you are working out or swimming, then it is best that you keep on reapplying after a few hours, you will keep yourself protected from the harmful rays for a longer duration.

Do SPF numbers matter?

The SPF rating is something which does not focus on the quality of the product. You should not base your decision on just this. There are many different factors which come into play. You can even apply a low SPF product, knowing how to use it properly.

When it comes to using the sunscreen, you should also realize how often you should be using it. You can make use of a mineral sunscreen and make sure you are following the proper safety measures for it.

Also when it comes to making use of chemical sunscreens, you can also apply it at least 20 minutes from facing extensive sun exposure.

It is also essential to focus on reapplying the same. This should be done so especially when you are facing extensive sun exposure. And you should apply it every few hours to ensure it is giving you the complete effect.

But you should make sure that you are not skipping using it in any way. Your skin needs to have complete protection from the harmful UV rays.

Protect Your Lips

While we have been talking about how to keep our skin protected. You should also know how important it is to keep your lips protected too. This is essential when talking about protection against cancer and other harmful skin diseases.

You should choose a lip balm which also has a good amount of SPF. Hence you need to keep your lips protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Also having your lip balm with plenty of shea butter and nourishing vitamin E is going to be very helpful for your lips.

A Complete Healthy Skin

using sunscreen to protect from UV rays

Skin is definitely going to be healthier when you start using sunscreens on a regular basis. It is what keeps your skin looking fresh and appealing. You can also make use of essential proteins which can make your skin even more supple and health. So this is why you should be making use of this sunscreen.


Sunscreens are one of the essential elements which you should be using on a regular basis and that is not only when you are facing the scorching sun. Even if the sun is not at its maximum heat, you should use sunscreens as they are able to provide you the protection from your the harmful rays of the sun.


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