Why Should You Opt for Eyelid Surgery?

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Are you seriously considering aesthetic plastic surgery for your eyes? An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, has grown in popularity and number. Eyelid surgery has become one of the most popular procedures, counted as one among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed each year. 

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a type of surgery that repairs droopy, saggy eyelids and might involve removing excess fat, skin, and muscle.

With age, your eyelids will start to stretch. Additionally, the muscles supporting them get weakened. So you might notice excess fat gathering above and below your eyelids. This excess fat causes droopy upper lids, sagging eyebrows (eyebrow lift surgery), and even bags to form under your eyes.

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Such sagging eyelids could make you look older. If you have severely sagging skin, mostly around your eyes, it can even reduce your side vision or peripheral vision. The condition commonly affects your field of vision’s upper and outer parts. The eyelid surgery can eliminate or reduce these vision problems. Moreover, eyelid surgery can make your eyes appear younger and more alert.

To help you decide if eyelid surgery is right for you, read below to find out what you can realistically expect after the surgery. Also explore the benefits and risks of blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

Why is Eyelid Surgery Done?

You may consider eyelid surgery if droopy, tired, or sagging eyelids that keep your eyes from opening completely. Or you can also consider this surgery if your upper eyelids pull down your lower eyelids. The surgery will help remove the excess tissue from your upper eyelids, thus helping to improve your vision. Upper and lower lid surgery can make your eyes appear younger and more alert.

This surgery is done primarily for cosmetic reasons. It is also an effective method to improve sight, especially in older people with sagging upper eyelids – get in the way of their vision.

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Eyelid surgery could be an option if you have:

  • Droopy upper or baggy lower eyelids.
  • Excess skin on the upper eyelids may interfere with your peripheral vision.
  • In case you have excess skin on the lower eyelids.
  • Also, if you have bags under your eyes.

You might undergo blepharoplasty surgery together with other procedures, such as a brow lift, face-lift, or skin resurfacing. If you plan to have the procedure only to improve your appearance, insurance will not cover the cost. The lower lid blepharoplasty is mostly done for cosmetic reasons.

Interestingly, an eye lift surgery can help you get rid of facial wrinkles and even crow’s feet. The surgeon can combine the surgery with other laser forehead lifts, filler injections, or resurfacing procedures.

Your skin will gradually lose its elasticity as you age. A lack of elasticity, together with the constant pull from gravity, might cause excess skin to collect around your eyelids.

In contrast, excess skin on your lower eyelid will often cause wrinkles and bulges on your upper eyelids. An extra fold of skin may hang over the eyelashes. This overlap gets in the way of your sight.

History and Popularity of Eyelid Surgery

Interestingly, eyelid lifts have ranked highly for the past decade in the list of cosmetic surgeries. 9 out of every top 10 countries listed eyelid surgery as one of the top five plastic surgery procedures. From the UK to the USA and worldwide, eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for everyone.

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In particular, this surgery has reached its peak popularity, especially in East Asia. Some have also started to label it as the “East Asian blepharoplasty” and it has become more popular by that name.

From celebrities to even office workers, one in every five women in Korea undergoes some form of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery Dubai is equally famous. This particular surgery became all the more popular when it started trending among Korean celebrities. So now it is one of the most common surgeries performed.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Eyelift Surgery?

The best candidates for eyelift surgery are people in good health and who have a realistic idea of what they expect. Most patients opting for this surgery are generally 35 years or older. But if droopy or baggy eyelids run in your family, you might decide to have the surgery done sooner.

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Eyelid surgery can improve not only your appearance but also your confidence. However, the surgery would not alter your facial structure. Think about your goals and discuss them with your surgeon in detail once you decide to have the surgery.

Eyelid surgery can drastically affect your face and help improve a person’s self-confidence. If you consider this procedure, you should know all the pros and cons before opting for the treatment.

What is Eyelid Surgery? 

An eyelid lift is a procedure that removes the skin and the fat from the eyelids. It is commonly known as blepharoplasty. The term eyelid lift may be confusing as the eyelid is not truly lifted during surgery. 

Upper eyelid surgery requires incisions that will allow the removal of skin and fat. During the procedure, a thin stitch is used that helps bring the skin together, allowing an eyelid crease.

During the lower eyelid surgery, your surgeon will make a skin incision directly below the lash line. The second option is your surgeon will make an incision on the inside of the eyelid often called a transconjunctival approach. This method allows for access to the eyelid without visible incisions.

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This surgery technique is perfect for patients who need fat removed without much scarring. As the surgery aims to have minimum visible scarring. Your surgeon will generally combine this approach with laser resurfacing the eyelid skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

The fat cushions that separate your eyeball from the skull might also cause bulges in the upper and lower eyelids. With age, the thin membrane that holds those fat tissues in place weakens. As a result, the fat moves forward into the lids like a hernia which is actually removed.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Any eyelift surgery will usually take two hours if both your lower or upper eyelids are done together. Your surgeon will use local anesthesia together with oral sedation.

Your surgeon will typically start working on the upper lids first to have all four eyelids done. They will cut along the natural lines of your eyelids to avoid scarring. During the process, your surgeon will separate the skin from the underlying tissue through these cuts. Once the cuts are made, they will remove the excess skin and fat in the area. 

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Once they have removed the muscles and excess fat, your surgeon will close those cuts using tiny stitches. The stitches in the upper lids usually stay for 3 to 6 days. The lower lids may or may not require stitches, solely depending on the technique your doctor uses. 

There are several techniques used in the surgery of the lower eyelids. In one of the methods, your surgeon will make a cut inside your lower eyelid. In this case the cut would not be visible. Your surgeon might use erbium or C02 laser to soften fine lines in the skin.

Your surgeon may use another method that involves cutting the eyelash margin. They can easily remove excess loose skin, muscle, and fat through that cut. Not to worry, most of these cut lines fade after a short time.

After these procedures, your surgeon might recommend laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing helps removing scars after surgery. Laser resurfacing is a primary procedure used to reduce facial wrinkles. Resurfacing can also help remove skin irregularities, such as blemishes, acne scars, or even surgery marks. The technique directs short pulsating beams of light that are concentrated at irregular skin. The approach can precisely remove the skin layer by layer.

After the surgery

After the procedure, your surgeon will probably apply ointment in your eyes to keep them moist. They may even cover them with cold compresses while still in the recovery room. Right after surgery, you may also have blurry vision from the ointment. Your eyes may also be sensitive to light. Do not worry. Your eyes might feel dry or watery. 

Most of these symptoms will reduce if you use ice packs on your eyes and sleep with your head raised, especially for the first night. Your doctor will also give you detailed instructions for taking care of your eyes after the procedure.

Eyelid Surgery and Recovery Time 

Most patients generally require a short recovery time after eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Although bruising and swelling might worsen on the day after surgery, they quickly disappear.

During the first 48 hours, cool compresses can effectively help reduce bruising and swelling around the eyes and face. Light activity like walking or exercises might help speed the healing process. 

Your surgeon will place bandages over the incision sites and remove them after a few days, while the stitches can remain for about a week. Sometimes your surgeon might have used self-absorbing stitches that do not require removal.

Most people return to normal activities after a week following eyelid surgery. By two weeks, the majority of the swelling and bruising will resolve.

The Results

Mostly all patients express satisfaction with the results of eyelid surgery. The procedure gives a more youthful and rested appearance and helps build more self-confidence. However, for some, the surgery results might last a lifetime. While for others, droopy eyelids might recur.

The bruising and swelling generally subside in ten to fourteen days, after which you may feel comfortable going out in public again. But note that the scars from the surgical cuts may take months to fade. You only need to take proper care to protect your delicate eyelid skin from too much exposure to the sun.


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