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When you look at how you age, the first thing you will notice is the appearance of wrinkles on your face and hands. These are basically folds and ridges which you can see on the skin. They start to appear as soon as you start to lose elasticity in your skin. It is also something that happens when your skin will start to appear thinner and will begin to become saggy. However the good thing is there are some great wrinkle home remedies that work well on your skin and will provide you results in no time.

It is not something to be ashamed of, however when you have wrinkles, you tend to look lethargic and it impacts your social life and confidence as well. This is largely on those parts of the body which are prone to sun exposure.  This means it is usually your face and neck, as well as the back of your hands and even your arms.

So while having wrinkles is natural, and it is a part of embracing your age, they do make us self-conscious and there is no harm in getting some kind of treatment for the same.

In this article I am going to be talking about and touching on various wrinkles home remedies which are known to provide great results in no time.

Why Are Wrinkles Forming?

The first question that we will look into is how does this mechanism happen even. As people get older, their skin will start to get thinner. It also becomes direr which means that it is not strong enough to protect itself from harm and damage.

And this is when your skin will start to show the appearance of certain wrinkles and creases. These are fine lines that begin to form on your skin.

You will notice how the simplest of facial expressions like smiling and even frowning are prone to have the appearance of skin wrinkles. These lines will actually deepen even further as you will get older.  And then it becomes very hard to control them at all. This is because as you continue to age, you are losing flexibility in your skin and it becomes harder for you to bounce back right away.

So when talking about the various factors which relate to the appearance of wrinkles, these can happen on your body due to:

  • Having heavy sun exposure which continues to damage your skin
  • Smoking can definitely lead to your skin getting damaged
  • You will notice the harmful effects of dehydration on your skin as well
  • When you are taking medications, it becomes quite possible that your skin will become even more effected by it
  • Environmental as well as genetic factors can also play a role on how your skin looks and feels after a while

It is also common that people with darker skin will be less subjected to issues like sun exposure or environmental factors due to the fact that it has actually more melanin production which protects it from different kinds of harm.

How Do I Treat It?

So now that you know that there are wrinkles forming all over your body. How do you get treatment for that?

Well for starters, look into things that might significantly work for you. There are actually several medical procedures which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin. However these can be very aggressive techniques. Many can also have certain complications coming with them. Example when you are using plastic surgery and making use of injections and fillers, you can suffer from certain complications.

Hence it is also suggested that you make use of and see the results from effective home remedies. Wrinkles home remedies can be a quite a few. But there is no guarantee that all or few of them will even work, considering your skin’s condition.

But the good thing is there are no side effects to these remedies, so you can try them out and see if they actually work for you or not.

So let’s get into the details of it:

Wrinkles Home Remedies

understand different remedies

There are quite a few remedies which can provide you instant relief and are coming with no side effects which makes them very effective for usage.

So let’s see what these are:

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera is known to have a range of benefits. It exists of many healing properties, making it one of the best kinds of gel to be used for treatment. This gel is known to actually reduce the appearance of your wrinkles in no time. However when you are going to apply aloe vera gel, make sure you are using the kind which is completely real and organic.

It has two major roles- it can help in giving a boost to your collagen production and it also makes up for ways in keeping ycour skin looking hydrated and supple. Apply it often and see the remarkable effects take place.

Banana Mask

Next comes the use of bananas on the face. As it turns out, it is quite effective. This is because bananas consist of a range of natural oils and has many vitamins. Both of these will help to give your skin a major boost, making it look supple and prevents dehydration.

All you need to so is mash a banana and make a very smooth paste of it. After than, you should be applying a very thin layer of the banana paste onto your skin. After which you should let it become dry. When it does, you can have it sit on your face for 20mins more and then rinse your face with warm water.

SuperFoods Benefits

consuming super foods is helpful

Much like knowing and understanding the benefits of bananas, there are a range of superfoods which work great in helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. These include:

  • Artichokes
  • Avocadoes
  • Chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Egg whites
  • Ginger

You can make use of various face oils which also consist of these ingredients.

Hence it is best if you adapt them into your diet and steer clear of having too much of processed foods.

Egg Whites Miracle

Among the different wrinkles home remedies, egg whites is also a very popular kind. It helps in making your skin look great. Also if you make use of the very thin membrane which separates the white from the shell, it is known to be even more effective.

It was found in a study that when you make use of this membrane, it helps to increase collagen production and will therefore make your skin look even smoother.

Adapting Essential Oils

So as it comes to be known, essential oils are awesome. When you are making use of them in very small amounts, you are reducing the appearance of wrinkles in no time. There are quite a few different kinds of oils which work wonders. This includes the likes of pomegranate, rosemary, neroli, among others.

Get a Massage

As it turns out, getting a massage and do wonders for you too. Many people who take on regular massages will be able to prevent the onset of wrinkles. If you use a handheld massage device it helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles by making your skin look smoother.

So it is best if you have daily facial massages which should be done with your finger tips. Also it benefits you by reducing the stress level in the body.

While there are salons that can give professional massages, you can get the same treatment at home by making use of your own fingers. All you have to do is apply firm pressure on your both sides of your face and rotate your skin in circular motions. This will also help in the circulation of blood in your face.

Use of Vitamin C & Minerals

Did you know that vitamin C is considered as one of the best antioxidants as it not only creates collagen in the skin but it is something you can naturally find in your fruits and vegetables. So when you are applying a gel with vitamin C, you are essentially protecting your skin from sun damage. It is also really helpful for collagen production and impacts the inflammation concern too.

And like vitamins, minerals are also very effective when you are taking them in, in very small amounts. Different minerals contribute to your skin health and it is wise to protect your skin by making use of them to block out the damage and prevent wrinkles formation.


cure wrinkles in simple ways

In this article we looked into what is wrinkles formation. Why it becomes a nuisance to your skin and what causes its formation. However the main thing we looked into and talked about was different wrinkles home remedies which are known to provide effective results if you are using them on a regular basis. The good thing is there are no side effects to making use of these remedies and they provide amazing results to certain cases. Learn what those are see if they are effective on you. While medically, wrinkles are not worrisome but it does impact your self-esteem so here’s to investing in their prevention and treatment.


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